Elite Keylogger for Mac

The best keylogger for Mac. Easy and invisible.

  • Monitor all websites visited
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Get private email reports
  • Keep your teens safe online
  • Capture emails and screenshots
  • Record IM chats history (both sides)

Elite Keylogger for Mac is the best keylogger for recording keystrokes. All words typed on websites, emails, chats and instant messages are captured.

Use password tracking to monitor social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Not every password can be recorded on OS X 10.11+.

Our completely hidden keylogger will take screenshots on a regular basis, so you can see exactly what is being viewed on screen.

Receive a complete list of all websites visited. Even if browser history is deleted, our keystroke logger + recorder will collect it. Apple's Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox are supported.

Wondering who your loved one is chatting with? Our invisible keylogger will keep a record of all communication. Elite Keylogger for Mac also secretly records IM chats (Skype, Viber, Adium, iChat/Messages), both sides.

Once the keystroke logger + recorder is installed, you won’t need to access that Mac again - all reports are sent automatically by email.

  • Elite Keylogger for Mac version details:

Elite Keylogger for Mac really records everything a user types on the monitored Mac... a document, an email, or a Web form, and can secretly deliver the information to your email. The free version performs well and comes with a nice interface and useful features.

Says: Chris Page from CNet

Elite Keylogger is the perfect family keylogger for keeping your teens safe. Know exactly who they are talking to and what images they are sharing online. Even if you don’t check the hidden keylogger reports regularly, it’s good to know they are there in an emergency. The password tracker function makes sure you aren’t locked out if you need to access your teen’s information in a hurry.

Elite Keylogger PRO is one of the best keyloggers on the market when it comes to complete invisibility. This perfect keylogger remains totally hidden and does not show up in the Applications folder or dock. It can only be launched by typing a secret word and then a password.

Free keylogger vs PRO

The main difference between the free and PRO versions is that the free keylogger version is not hidden. It still requires a password to be accessed, but users of the computer will see it in the dock as an active application. This a perfect keylogger for situations when you want users to know they are being monitored. But if you want an invisible keylogger, you will need to upgrade to the PRO version.

Are keyloggers legal?

Yes, hidden keyloggers are legal, as long as you own the computer you are installing it on, or have been given administrative privileges to the computer by the owner. Elite Keylogger installation requires that you know the Mac's administrative password. The best keyloggers allow invisible or open surveillance, depending on your needs. So download our keylogger and give it a try today!

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